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Joint Supplements: The Good, the Bad and the Useless
Important information on the various ingredients in popular joint supplements and how they can help or harm the body. Be informed about what you put in your horse … and in you.

"When choosing a joint supplement (“flex product”) the first thing you have to decide is if you just want to make the joints temporarily feel better or if you want to help solve the problems that are causing the pain. . . ." Learn More

Herbs are Drugs!
A lot of supplements say it uses "natural" ingredients. But beware! "Natural" doesn't necessarily mean it's good for the body.

"It is vital that people understand that all herbs are plant-derived drugs, without exception. While there are some that are, in the correct dose, with the correct processing, and the correct usage, very beneficial (especially in hormonal balances), as with all drugs, daily, prolonged use will eventually result in one or more of the following. . . ." Learn More

Equine Therapeutic Nutrition I:
Nutritional Supplement Ingredients
"Proper nutritional supplementation can greatly enhance both therapeutic and preventive health regimens. Practitioners should participate heavily in the design of supplementation programs for all of their patients to whom nutrients are supplemented. . . ." Learn More

Equine Therapeutic Nutrition II:
Customizing an Enteral Nutrition Program for the Critical Care Patient
"It is established that hypophagic or dysphagic horses can benefit from enteral nutrition. However, conditions such as colitis, enteritis, hepatic disease, renal disease, neoplasia and post-operative recovery require different nutritional considerations. . . ." Learn More

Quick Facts

Daily, prolonged use of any herb will eventually result in one or more of the following:

  • Resistance or immunity (you need more and more to accomplish the same thing)
  • Addiction
  • Negative interaction with other drug(s) and/or treatment processes
  • Toxic effect or overdose (often a slow build up in the liver or kidneys)

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